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Essential Oils Come Full Circle

Essential Oils Come Full Circle

Venice, Florida, June 1, 2015– Would you like more options? Is what you are doing not working, the pain just will not go away, still no sleep and nothing seems to help. Anxiety is building. Where do you turn and what do you do?

In 2000 BC, a healer would have prescribed: “Eat this root.” By 1000 AD, this had changed to: “Say a prayer.” By 1850, the sufferer would have been told to “Drink this potion.” By 1940 they would have been prescribed a pill; by 1970 an antibiotic; and by 2000 AD we have come full circle – back to eating the products of certain roots.

In ancient times myrrh, frankincense and other aromatic gums were the currency in demand.  In fact, essential oils were used for medicinal purposes before the use of herbs. The Ebers Papyrus, also known as Papyrus Ebers, is an Egyptian medical papyrus dating to c.1550 BCE with 700 formulas and recipes. All the ancient cultures including Cleopatra knew the power of essential oils. Why not indulge yourself in this ancient luxury.

Lynne Glacé is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Raindrop Harmonics Specialist, Certified Myokinesthetics Practitioner and now an Aromatherapy Coach. Lynne also does CranioSacral. She works at Aurora Physical Therapy in Venice Isles Plaza on the 41S Bypass in Venice, Florida where essential oils are more than a nice aroma.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore it is important to use only therapeutic grade essential oils and only organic lotions. Essential oils help to create a relaxing state of mind, help to ease muscle soreness and help the bodies natural healing processes. We have rediscovered the value we left behind. Essential oils have truly come full circle!

Blending oils with a massage lotion or oil can be a pleasant way to enhance the massage experience and reduce anxiety. Specific blends can help your body to heal itself. This ancient healing process may give you more options in your toolbox and the ability to take your health back into your own hands. Come and enjoy the luxury once only afforded by kings and queens. Take a one hour vacation to relax, refresh and renew.